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Media Production

We have the talent and the art of creating digital solutions in the most advanced ways by using the newest features. Our team has the foundational skills of shooting, producing, editing, and supplying any event with any needed requirements like screens, sound systems, online platforms, or any other technology that will positively affect businesses.


Hall Management:

Taking full charge for the Audiovisual setup within the Event Hall.
• Hall Setup
• Networking between the Halls and center
• Screens and Data Show
• Sound system
• Podiums
• Hall Management during conference


Speakers’ Service Center:

Creating an integrated area to support the event speakers in their requirements or needs.
• Connected systems to share the presentation among halls.
• Networking between different areas of collection and delivery of presentation.
• Audio Visual consent agreement to secure copyright of presenter.



We’re capable of distributing over the Internet presentations and sessions using the most recent streaming media technology to distribute a single content source to millions of simultaneous viewers. Also, we’re capable of recording all presentations (audio/video) in the highest quality so the audience can reach their maximum benefit.


Live Transmission:

We constantly provide new ways to deliver non-stop live video coverage. With our advanced technology solutions and endless options, we create professional live interactive transmissions, live news and event coverage literally in every part of the world.
• Satellite – Internet (two ways communication)
• Individual projects
• Communication and permissions
• Satellite setup
• Sending and receiving
• Post-Editing


Live in a Box:

By using our high-tech recording tools and editing platforms, we record the most challenging surgeries and prepare them to be presented during any conference.
• Arrangement with surgeons till the product is released
• Connecting major medical devices to get a higher quality
• Post-editing


Mobile Application:

Our Team creates customized Mobile Applications for the events for easy interaction between the audience throughout and after the conference.


Video Production:

Our team is skilled in creating the most trending videos, aiming to promote for the conferences, events or general announcements through all social media channels.
• Interviews
• Documentaries
• Motion Graphics
• HUD Animation
• Promo videos
• 2D Animation
• 3D Animation
• Typography Animation



We have the ability to host a virtual meeting without the need to find a suitable physical venue. With our outstanding features, you can share your presentations with your audience in the highest quality for the best interaction, either the event was a business meeting, conference or even a workshop.
You will find through our webinar features:
• Audience Engagement
• Post event employees training
• Easy access platform to share ideas and sell hard-skill knowledge


Virtual Studio:

We’re capable of creating a virtual studio that allows a real-time combination of people and computer-generated environments in a seamless manner, to create an almost real environment for speakers to discuss topics and debate about other ones.
Our Features:
• Recorded episodes.
• Live interactive episodes.
• Support up to 4 remotely guests.


Online Discussion:

We know how communication can be the key for success; for that reason, we have a well-established platform for audiences to interact with the presenter by scanning a QR code then being able to send questions or inquires to be answered instantly. For an organized convenient experience.


Voting system:

We can fully support all types of voting system with our up-to-date features:
• Online System
• Offline (Physical Keypad)
• Questions & Answers
• True or False
• Multiple choice
• Competitions
• Ranking
• Surveys


Live streaming:

Using our Hi-Tech Media Servers, we can Live stream any event via various platforms with the ability to engage the online audience through the debating discussion panels.


Audiovisual Equipment:

Our equipment comprises the newest and most interactive technologies
• Hologram
• Interactive LED screen
• Interactive LED floor