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A. Live Event Video Production Services:
Live streaming, recording and encoding video capture services.

Organizing an event or broadcast can be stressful. Our team of streaming media professionals will put you at ease with our full-service production offerings.

Select from a range of video production services to meet your program’s needs.

Offering on-location capturing, live streaming, recording and encoding right from your physical event extending the reach of your content. Capture keynote sessions, breakouts, event highlights in a news desk format, roving reporter style attendee interviews, sponsor spotlights and more.


From lighting, sound and camera work to technical direction and satellite trucks providing you with the bandwidth you need, we’ve got you covered, ensuring the highest quality production for your audience.

Our studios are fully equipped with the latest audio, video, lighting and green screen equipment. Studios are available for full or half day rentals including engineering support to capture and stream live or pre-recorded content.

For our global clients, we have a network of partner studios to meet your needs regardless of location.

Syndicate your content and deliver it live or on demand to Facebook Live, Youtube Live, Periscope, or any other streaming location your audience spends their time on.  Drive audience acquisition to your event or place your videos in front of your social networks without any barriers. The opportunities to engage are endless.

In addition to traditional capturing, Media Creation offers Drone, 360 and VR services to compliment your event content. Elevate your video content with aerial drone footage, a 360 view of your physical audience experience or add virtual reality for a truly immersive experience.

B. Virtual Event Marketing Strategy

Generating an audience for your video programming requires putting a marketing plan in place to promote your message, build brand awareness and align the program strategy with your business goals.  Our Marketing Strategists can work with you to develop event marketing plans for each phase of the event life cycle to reach your audiences.

Our marketing experts take a deep dive into your event to understand business objectives through a comprehensive research and discovery process. Experts then create a customized long or short-term marketing strategy to leverage your event to meet your goals.

Marketing strategists conduct a complete review and analysis of your target audience and event messaging. Then develop audience segments, personas, and new or optimized segmented messaging to get high impact communications to the right audience.

Event marketers develop multi-channel communication plans utilizing the marketing channels that resonate most with your audience. Media Creation marketing strategists support you in executing any element of your plan from writing copy, setting up email campaigns, to posting on social and more.

Our marketing team will monitor the performance of your marketing channels and make real time optimization recommendations. At the end of your event, receive a full analysis of your event’s performance including which elements performed successfully and what areas need improvement. You will also receive data-driven recommendations for future events.

C. Bandwidth Optimization

While video provides unique engagement opportunities between presenter and audience; challenges can arise around your network’s ability to deliver live, high quality video. Partner with Media Creation to assess your network and activate bandwidth optimization options to ensure your audience has a flawless viewing experience.

Network Optimization

Meet with Media Creation IT experts for a network diagnosis of which supporting capabilities will be needed to run your event based on the results. Testing and solutions to bandwidth issues including adaptive bit rate streaming, and our adaptive caching delivery product Amplify will optimize the delivery of your live and on-demand webcasts streaming inside an enterprise.

D. Webinars (Virtual Events)

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