About Us

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What We Do?

We engage clients with their target audience and boost business ROI beyond the limits, through our fully compressive services starting from media production services of any event, website solutions, design and branding ideas. Our solutions with its exclusive features help businesses expand their brand to larger audiences worldwide using all the collaborative solutions to support virtual and physical events’ needs & requirements to drive the engagement vigorously upwards and make any business extremely unique and up to date.

Why We Do It?

Our client’s brand message is our priority. We produce compelling solutions to help bring any business vision to life. We’re experts in communicating business message visually in the most contemporary ways.

At Media Creation Solutions, we give any business that extra push to take any event, product or campaign to the next level. We help in bringing brand messages to life through our Innovative Solutions that will help any company reach the ideal consumer.


Media Creation, is a member of ICOM Group. The inception of the business was driven by our Management Team's deep passion for World Class Technology, Digital Transformation Solutions, and Innovative Business Strategies.
Under the visionary guidance of our Management, Media Creation emerged as a result of blending their international expertise and knowledge into a single entity. Supported by a dynamic and energetic technical team, we swiftly elevated our position in the Middle East Market.
In no time, Media Creation, operating under ICOM Group umbrella, successfully carved its niche and expanded its influence across the Middle East Market and North Africa.

Our services reached diverse sectors, including Corporates, Government, and Medical Societies, cementing our brand's reputation as a trusted partner.